Financial Modeling for Complex Claims

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Complex Claims can be overwhelming with a variety of variables to consider. Most complex claims include a Life Care Plan with an assortment of projected future medical costs and other concerns related to the future care of the injured party.

We help you organize this information and focus on the data that matters most, so that you can make better, more informed decisions.
Bridging the gap is the first step to reaching a settlement, but not the last. We assist you by analyzing what you know about the injured party and the negotiated settlement to create the best path forward.
Our financial modeling software will provide you with a Settlement Allocation Analysis, so that you and the injured party feel confident that the settlement plan being proposed will provide for the best future outcome.

Settlement Allocation Analysis

Income: $15,026.00
Expenses: $15,026.00
NET: $8,952.47

Probability of Success

Define goals and track your progress towards them.
Assets Last Until
Age 100
Funding Gained
0 Years
Value Gained:
Visualize the impact of goals and recommendations in real-time

We make sure Your Settlement is Allocated Appropriately

We are a passionate about ensuring you will be taken care of for life.

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